The Road to Eagle | Phase Two: Fences, Welding, & Machining

Following up from here, I’m now happy to report that the final phases of the project are complete!

The Fence


In a slight deviation from the earlier plan, we managed to discover during the operation the missing piece to the back fence. With that in mind, a skilled welder & fellow scout in T577 offered his servicess to repair the fence. You can find some great video coverage of that repair here.


After waiting some time for the weather to finally clear up, I got a chance to finally take my family and a friend the team back there and paint the fence. Only took a single coat and two hours. Paint gloves made the job much easier.

The Sign

After some online research and consulting with the Centreville Robotics & Engineering Department, I settled on a material and sign. 6061-T4, .061[1/32] in (Grade, Heat rating, thickness) with a dark bronze anodiztion (honestly looks more black than bronze).

![The Sign mounted on the CNC]{:data-src=’/assets/images/IMG_3002.JPG’class=’lozad’}

We tried to CNC it with a 1/16th inch end-mill, however, it decided to break on us twice. A switch to a 1/8 tapered ball nose saved the day, after a 1.5 hour rerun of the cut.

![Finished Product, with the text “CROUCH FAMILY \n CEMETERY” engraved]{:data-src=’/assets/images/IMG_3002.JPG’class=’lozad’}

The design was self-created in Autodesk Invetor 2018. The design will be posted online shortly.

The mounting is planned for later this week, as I still have to drill through the metal to run a chain through it.


Other than that, the documentation is submitted and I’m scheduling my conference now. It’s been a long but worthwhile run. A final update is to follow shortly.


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